Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Prayer Request for my brave little nephew

Dec. 15th, 2010 Dante waking up from a procedure

FAN Families Against Neuroblastoma

DANTE'S UPDATE: Dec. 15, 2010
Hi, this is an update on my nephew Dante who suffers from a cancer called neuroblastoma. After more than six months of procedures, Dante is going this week to the Hospital, so they can check if the last procedure worked.

Unfortunately, his audiogram showed that his hearing has decreased to moderate hearing. That usually happens as a result of all the chemotherapy. 

Also, this coming Friday, they are gonna know if the 131 I-migb treatment worked. That was one of the toughest ones because it had to do with radiation therapy, and he needed to be isolated. Please keep praying for him. 

Hello everybody! Thanks for visiting my blog. As you know this is my second post, and before I start working on this blog, I would like to talk about my little nephew, Dante Valdez. 

He is only 3 yrs. and 8 mos. and he has been diagnosed with a terrible type of cancer called, neuroblastoma, which affects the nervous system, and it spreads gradually. 

Dante also has a little sister, Alyeska, who is 1 year old, you can see her hugging him after one month of being apart. 

Please pray for my nephew, my little warrior, and for my family, to have the strength and the faith to fight this disease.

If you want to know more about my nephew Dante, you can follow him on Dante's blog or Todos con Dante on Facebook.

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Hola a todos! Gracias por visitar mi blog. Como ustedes saben este es mi segundo mensaje, y antes de empezar a trabajar en mi blog, quisiera hablarles de mi sobrinito, Dante Valdez.

El solo tiene 3 años con 8 meses, y ha sido diagnosticado con un terrible tipo de cancer llamado, neuroblastoma, el cual afecta el sistema nervioso, y se esparce gradualmente.

Dante tambien tiene una hermanita llamada Alyeska, la cual tiene 1 año de edad, ustedes los pueden ver abrazandose despues de estar un mes separados.

Por favor, oren por mi sobrinito, mi pequeño guerrero, y por mi familia para que tengamos la fuerza y la fe para pelear con esta enfermedad.

Si quieren saber mas acerca de mi sobrinito Dante lo pueden seguir en el blog de Dante  o en Todos con Dante en Facebook.

Hi, I wanted to share with you a very similar story of another brave child that is facing Neuroblastoma just like Dante. Here are some videos of Dylan Hartung and his battle with this disease. 

Hola, quisiera compartirles una historia muy parecida a la de Dante de otro niño muy valiente que esta afrontando Neuroblastoma igual que Dante. Aqui estan unos videos de Dylan Hartung y su batalla contra esta enfermedad.


  1. Aww I will continue to pray for your sweet nephew and I want to do another post on him soon if that's alright. Do you mind if I link to his blog and your post? XO!

  2. Hi Sierra, you are too kind! Thanks for all your help, I really appreciated. It would be great if you link Dante's blog and my post to your blog, that's terrific! =)