Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

Hello my friends! Happy Earth Day! Today, April 22nd, is a day to celebrate our planet, and to think about ways that all of us can make to help the Earth. We have a great responsibility to help and protect our environment, this is our planet and we need to save it now.

If you want to make changes that can help, here's an article about 21 practical ways to help the Earth from a site called Practical Environmentalist.

Also, if you are interested on getting some free goodies on Earth day, check out this link to Yahoo Green with some tips on getting free stuff and many other deals...yeah!!! :D

Well my friends this weekend is filled with lots of things to celebrate, Earth Day, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. I hope you'll have a great time. See you soon!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

My Fashion Dolly's New Look

Hello dear friends, I hope you're having an awesome week! Today, I just wanted to share My Fashion Dolly's new look. I wanted to create a fresh new look with less details and softer colors. I'm thinking of doing more fashion illustrations for the Spring. Be sure to come back, so I could share them with you.

I hope you'll like this new look, and I hope to see you soon! Take care!


Rocio R.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun Treats: Marshmallow Bunny Pops

Blythe doll photo by Rocio R.

My version of Tiffany Yang's Marshmallow Bunny Pop 

Hello dear friends! How are you doing? Can you believe is almost Easter? I honestly can't. Time seems to be flying, don't you think? I love Spring the weather is perfect, flowers are blooming, and also Easter is just around the corner, yay! =)  

Today, I bring you a very fun Easter treat that I found on Cute Foods for Kids. I just found that website a few days ago, and when I saw Tiffany Yang's Marshmallow Bunny Pops, I knew I had to make some.

The Marshmallow Bunny Pops are easy to make. You just need a few ingredients and supplies such as vanilla and strawberry marshmallows, round sprinkles, red food coloring, bamboo skewers and scissors to cut the marshmallows. Optional, you can also decorate the bunny pops with cute ribbons or you can place them in clear cello bags. You can follow the instructions here. 

Well my friends, I hope you'll like this post. Now you have another treat idea to share on Easter or any other time of the year. Have a wonderful day, see you soon!!!! 

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Make a Wish!

Dante and Mickey

My family and I at the Magic Kingdom

Dante with his little sister Ali and I

Dante with my brother Salvador

Dante seeing some Disney characters for the first time!

Hello dear friends! I'm so glad to be back! I wanted to write earlier, but a nice surprise kept me busy. I have talked about my little nephew Dante to you before, but in case you didn't know about him; last year he was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Neuroblastoma. He has been fighting like a true warrior; going through chemotherapies, blood transfusions, surgeries, radiation, clinical trials and several additional painful procedures.

My family and I have seen him go through a lot of suffering. However, last week Dante got a break from the dreadful hospitals and had a nice surprise waiting. My sister Sylvia, Dante's mom, received news from Make a Wish Foundation that they had granted Dante with a trip to Orlando, Florida. This organization only grants wishes to children and teens with life-threatening medical conditions.

Dante flew to Orlando along with his mommy, daddy and baby sister.  The rest of the family was fortunate to join them in Orlando, my mom, my brother Salvador, my sister Cynthia, my husband and I went on our own to Orlando, so we could see Dante having fun. My sister Sylvia told me about how wonderful it was to stay at Give Kids the World Village. She said that they treated Dante like royalty, and even Disney characters would come to the village and take pictures with them.

Dante and my family had a wonderful time in Walt Disney World. We saw him laugh, run, jump, and even walked in a parade with Woody from Toy Story. Seeing Dante happy, was such a blessing for myself and the entire family!

Well, dear friends, I'll write to you soon! Thanks for coming back! Have a wonderful weekend! :D

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